Pretty, Easy, Genius: Oopsmark

pretty easy genius oopsmark

Like many of us hopping aboard the minimal-ish bandwagon, I wage a steady battle against stuff. I try to weed out dust-gathering excess and hone in on things that are exceptionally awesome. But I’m a collector at heart, and there’s so much cute goodness out there! Since I clearly can’t house it all, I at least  want to share it. So I’m starting a series — Pretty, Easy, Genius — featuring products that have a place in my imagination, if not in my life.

Bear in mind, these are not necessarily items I’ve purchased. I can’t vouch for their in-person quality; I can merely say I want them very much.

First up is Oopsmark, a leather goods company based in Montreal, Canada.

Their philosophy:

“Oopsmark was born out of the idea that even bumps in the road are valuable experiences.

Working hands-on to offer a custom approach to your experience, all products are handmade in Montreal with the urban lifestyle in mind. Our leather is tanned using natural plant extracts instead of harsh chemicals, producing a vegetable-tanned leather that is durable and looks better as it ages. The Oopsmark design philosophy is one of minimalism, environmental responsibility, and functionality.”

As useful things that take up little space, these are the kinds of products that would absolutely make the tiny house cut. And you know someone in a 200 square foot studio is rocking this smartphone bracelet. It does double duty as phone stand and personal accessory, after all, with far less investment than modular furniture.

But I am no studio dweller, so I’ve cast my eye elsewhere to these, my Oopsmark favorites:

One strip of leather, adjustable around the object and around your chest.

sparkled flats pretty easy genius oopsmark yoga strap

Also known as a modernist coat stand.

sparkled flats pretty easy genius oopsmark grapple clothing hook

Modification instructions included.

sparkled flats pretty easy genius oopsmark everyday belt

Because how else do you bike to a dinner party?

sparkled flats pretty easy genius oopsmark bicycle wine rack

*All product images via Oopsmark


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