It’s Paper Day!


One year ago today, H* and I showed up at the Madison County Courthouse and got ourselves hitched. There were no witnesses, no chapel, just a small conference room and a court-appointed stranger to pronounce us husband and wife. It was over in five minutes.

Afterwards, all I could think was, “huh, we’re married.” We gave each other dopey smiles and stared down at our shiny new rings then set off to find food, in accordance with our tradition.

A couple of very delicious po-boys later, we drove back to Birmingham to finish prepping for our two religious ceremonies and a large influx of friends and family. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, which I’m taking as a good sign.

I married hot guy who makes me laugh a lot, offers spontaneous foot rubs, and marks minor anniversaries — Six months married! Three years since our first date! — with Dairy Queen Blizzards of the Month. He roasts lamb like a boss, has only once let me win at Scrabble, and rarely complains about my clutter habit, even when it’s clearly making him itchy. In short, I married well.

Happy anniversary to us!

*H stands for husband. I’m very creative like that.


2 thoughts on “It’s Paper Day!

  1. Happy Paper Anniversary Day 🙂 This is such a sweet post! And Blizzard of the month should be a national holiday each month where we all get off and get to have a Blizzard!

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