Letterpress luv

The second anniversary is coming up. Falling as it does between a blow-out trip to New Orleans* and wedding planning (wedding budgets. yikes!), we decided to keep it simple. Dinner and cards.

Dinner is happening here, site of (part of) our epic second date. Vaguely romantic ambiance? Check. Frites? Yup. Pardis margaritas? Yes, please.

Done and dusted.

But cards are trickier. There’s something about love-y cards that’s hard to get right. Mushy sentiment is sweet, but not much fun. Yet some of the very alternative options are maybe too…alternative. Based on extensive etsy browsing, here are my dude-friendly anniversary card rules:

  1. No poetry.**
  2. No curly script.***
  3. No fussy graphics.
  4. Pop culture references, hints of snark, or anatomically correct hearts**** preferred.

And the current favorites are:

*The tab at Pat O’Brien’s adds up fast, y’all.

**Exceptions may be made for a truly exceptional haiku.

***This one I love. The dude, probably less so.

****This may be less a dude-friendly card rule and more a reflection of my anatomically-correct Valentine fetish. Sometimes, it’s hard to know.


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